Bose QC15 headphone cable pinout schematic

I love my old Bose Quietcomfort 15 headphone, so much that I decide to add a Bluetooth receiver to it to keep it in service for a couple of more years. During the process, I needed to DIY a short audio cable to connect the headphone and the Bluetooth receiver. I couldn’t find any information about the pinout on the Internet, so I disassembled the original cable to find out the schematic.

QC 15 audio cable disassembled.
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How to install Windows 98 SE on Thinkpad X41

Recently I wanted to play with one of my old PDAs, and its sync software requires a parallel port and Windows 98 environment. Virtual machine does not emulate the parallel port well. Because Thinkpad X41 is my oldest machine with a parallel port (on the dock), I tried to install Windows 98 SE on it.

It turns out X41 was too “new” for Windows 98. There are some driver issues that I can’t resolve. But for my purpose, the result is good enough. So I’m documenting the process here, hope it helps others.

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Bluetooth Receiver TT-BR06 volume mod

Last year I bought a TaoTronics TT-BR06 Bluetooth Receiver to use with my iPhone. It works great, and the sound quality is fine. The only issue was that the volume was too loud. I am using it with a pair of Sony XBA-N3 earphone, it was uncomfortably loud even on the lowest volume.

Front of the product

Recently I looked up for this product on Amazon, and I found a review that mentions a modification that can adjust its output gain. I tried it and it worked like a charm. So I’m documenting this mod here. Maybe it also applies to other similar brands of Bluetooth receivers. So if you have similar problems, you can have a try.

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Sony CLIÉ PEG-SL10把玩


黑白、干电池、带扩展的palm是我的理想选择,主要是因为省电、电池没有老化问题,并且不受可怜的内存的限制。市面上的黑白电池机有很多,但是m125和SL10是仅有的两款带存储卡扩展的palm(其实还有TRGpro、Handera 330这些老怪兽,市面上基本见不到了,我也就不想了……)。m125在半年前入手一台,SL10则迟迟没有合适的。甚至想过让朋友在ebay帮忙代购,但也没有价廉物美的。近期在tompda上看到这个机型,毫不犹豫地就买了一台。

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Nokia 770从入手到精通(八)N770搜索不到wifi无线网络的问题解决

几个月前,我的N770忽然搜索不到wifi无线网络了。具体表现为:笔记本和ipod touch都可以搜索到并且连接到wifi,N770却搜索不到任何网络。我把N770拿到图书馆去,又可以搜索到wifi了,很奇怪的故障。

最近google了一下,在下面的网址发现了这个bug report。

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Nokia 770从入手到精通(六)N770 的USB Host模式(下)软件篇

如果完全按照上一篇日志来的话,切换到usb host模式,插上线之后键盘就应该可以工作了,但是键位有点别扭,比如主回车键在xterm下居然不是回车,得按小键盘上的回车键才行。
USB键盘要玩rdesktop的话,需要在rdesktop的选项中勾上“BT keyboard”,进去以后键盘操作很爽~

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